Those Gorgeous Ladies of TV ~ Page Two

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Of course there had to be a second page! 
Just SO many gorgeous women on TV! 
   Julie Benz -
"Buffy" "Angel" "Roswell" "Dexter" "No Ordinary Family" "Defiance"
   Morena Baccarin -
 "Firefly" "Still Life" "V" "Homeland"
   Shiri Appleby -
"Roswell" "ER" "Life UneXpected" "Dating Rules From My Future Self" "Girls"
   Simone Leblanc -
   Summer Glau -
"The 4400" "Sarah Connor Chronicles" "Dollhouse" "The Cape" "Arrow"
   The Women of Spartacus  -
Lucy Lawless   Jaime Murray   Viva Bianca   Erin Cummings   Katrina Law   Jessica Grace Smith 
     (This page has naked women.)   
   Tricia Helfer -
"Battlestar Galactica"
    (This page has naked Tricia not affiliated with any TV show)
   Yvonne Strahovski -
"Chuck" "Dexter" "24" "Astronaut Wives Club"
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