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My Stories Index Page

        This is a listing of my stories and the links to each story page. 

So you will know what kind of stories they are --
  B = Buffy
  B / X = Buffy / Xena crossover
  B / C = Buffy / Charmed crossover  
  GG = Gilmore Girls
  X = Xena
  SCC = Sarah Connor Chronicles
  SGU = Stargate Universe

My Stories - Page One

#1    I Won't Be Long      X    Xena is dying of old age.
#2    Well, Maybe a Little Longer     X    Gabrielle can't deal with Xena's death.
#3    Where Are We? And How Do We Get Home?    B / X    Buffy and Xena battle in an arena.
#4    Saving Missmith    B / X    Gabrielle is dying and Tara brings her to the present to save her life.
#5    Vampire Wars    B / X    Buffy enlists Xena and Gabrielle to fight vampires
#6    Xean, Princess of Warriors    X    A Greek woman warrior and her scribe/lover.

My Stories - Page Two

#7    Gabrielle, New Goddess in Town    X    Gabrielle becomes a goddess
#8    Gabrielle, Goddess of . . . .     X  Gabrielle discovers her powers
#9    Gabrielle, Goddess of Indecision    X  Gabrielle and Xena go to Mt Olympus
#10  Gabrielle, Goddess of Healing    X  Gabrielle discovers her true calling
#11  Gabrielle, Goddess of Frustraion    X  Gabrielle must save Xena and children at the same time
#12  Gabrielle, Goddess of the Unknown    X   Strange lights in the sky, cattle mutilation, and more

My Stories - Page Three

#13   Gabrielle, Goddess of Despair    X   Gabrielle must battle Dahak
#14   Gabrielle, Goddess of the Heart    X   The aftermath of Gabrielle's battle
#15   The Long Journey Back    X    Gabrielle takes Xena's ashes back to Amphipolis
#16   The Long Journey Begins, Parts 1 - 3    X  Gabrielle returns to Japa to find Xena

My Stories - Page Four

#17   The Long Journey Continues,  Parts 1 & 2    X  Gabrielle arrives in Japa
#18   The Long Journey Ends,  Parts 1 & 2    X   Gabrielle and Xena battle Ares
#19   The Scroll Festival    X  Gabrielle takes her scrolls to an Athens festival

My Stories - Page Five

#20   Barbarian ... Queen    X   Barbarian Xena and Queen Gabrielle
#21   Barbarian ... Queen ... Assassin    X   An assassin tries to kill Queen Gabrielle
#22   Just a Little Dream (Gabrielle's First Dream)    X  Gabrielle tells her dreams to Lila
#23   Gabrielle's Second Dream    X  Gabrielle and Xena on the road
#24   Gabrielle's Third Dream    X   Gabrielle and the Amazons
#25   Gabrielle's Fourth Dream    X    A tragic dream of Perdicus

My Stories - Page Six

#26   Xena and Joxer's Excellent Adventure    X   Xena and Joxer together, and Gabrielle with the Amazons
#27   New Watcher in Town    B / X   Xena pretends to be a Slayer
#28   Gabrielle's Surprise Birthday Party    B / X   Buffy throws Gabrielle a birthday party
#29   Buffy and the Slayer    B   A new Slayer comes to Sunndale
#30   A Home At Last    X   Gabrielle and Xena settle down 
#31   The Talk That Never Happened (But Should Have)    B   Buffy and her mother talk about Slayers

My Stories - Page Seven

#32   The End    X  Gabrielle dies of old age
#33   Buffy and the Professor    B   Buffy confronts Prof Walsh
#34   The First Slayer    B  The First Slayer is created
#35   The First Watcher    B  The first Watcher finds the Slayer
#36   Gabrielle and Aphrodite's Night on the Town    X   Gabrielle and Aphrodite party together
#37   Buffy and the Gang    B   The Magic Shop is robbed

My Stories - Page Eight

#38   Buffy and the Stranger    B   A nosy reporter comes to Sunndale
#39   Buffy and the Stranger's Boss    B   The reporter's boss comes to Sunnydale
#40   A Solstice Celebration    B / X   Gabrielle invites the Scoobies to Poteidaia
#41   Dawn the Vampire Slayer    B    Dawn becomes a Slayer
#42   Blood of the Slayer    B    Someone wants Buffy's blood

My Stories - Page Nine

#43   Barbarian ... Queen ... Priestess    X   Evil priestess threatens Queen Gabrielle
#44   Choices and Consequences,  Parts 1 & 2    X   What if Xena never rescued Gabrielle from Slavers?
#45   Reunion,  Parts 1 & 2    X   Xena and Gabrielle find Lila 

My Stories - Page Ten

#46   Just Another Tuesday Night in Sunnydale, Parts 1 - 3    B / X    Buffy loses her memory
#47   Gabrielle ... Slayer in Training,  Parts 1 & 2    B / X    Xena has been killed, Gabrielle wants revenge
#48   Gabrielle, Goddess of War    X    Gabrielle defends Poteidaia 

My Stories - Page Eleven

#49   Five by Five    B / X   Faith causes trouble for Buffy 
#50   Five by Five - by Five    B / X   More Faith problems
#51   Faith, Hope and Fear    B   Faith's first week in prison
#52   Full Potential    B   Faith comes back to Sunnydale
#53   A Slayer's Tale    B   A different Slayer
#54   A Watcher's Diary    B   A different Watcher

My Stories - Page Twelve

#55   Never Underestimate the Powers of a Slayer,  Parts 1 & 2    B / X    Faith, Xena and Callisto
#56   Just a Short Vacation    B / C   Willow goes to San Francisco
#57   A Visit to Sunnydale    B / C   Piper goes to Sunnydale
#58   Call It Destiny    X   Gabrielle marries Perdicus and leaves Xena
#59   Destiny Calls    X   Xena and Gabrielle are reunited

My Stories - Page Thirteen

#60   Gabrielle, Goddess of Death    X  Gabrielle lets warriors die
#61   The Note    B   Joyce finds Buffy's note on the bed
#62   Buffy's Choice    B    Buffy tells Willow to remove Faith's Slayer powers
#63   So, Tell Me . . . .     B    Dawn resumes her diary
#64   The S
layer Versus the Warrior Princess    B / X    Faith and Xena fight
#65   A Year in Tartarus,  Parts 1 & 2    X    Xena and Gabrielle's worst year 

My Stories - Page Fourteen

#66   Buffy the Slayer Vampire,  Parts 1 & 2    B   Buffy becomes a vampire
#67   Buffy the Slayer Vampire - "I Think We Did It!"    B   Spike returns to Sunnydale 
#68   Buffy the Slayer Vampire - Solution Unsatisfactory    B   The Council of Watchers attacks Buffy house

My Stories - Page Fifteen

#69   Remembrances and Reminiscings    GG  Lorelai and Luke talk about each other
#70   Lorelai's Dilemma    GG  Lorelai is in trouble and goes to Luke
#71   An Afternoon Conversation    GG  Luke and Rory talk about Lorelai
#72   Two Steps Back, One Step Forward    GG  Lorelai pushes Luke away
#73   You Drive Me Crazy!    GG  Luke and Lorelai split up
#74   He Hates Me!    GG   Lorelai is convinced Luke hates her
#75   Lorelai's First Time    GG  Lorelai goes into Luke's 

My Stories - Page Sixteen

#76   We're Done Here!    GG  Luke's thoughts after 'Wedding Bell Blues'
#77   I Want It All    GG  Lorelai wants to reconcile with Luke
#78   After Sniffy's    GG  How Lorelai and Luke end up in Luke's apartment
#79   We Can't Keep Doing This!    GG  Lorelai and Luke have problems
#80   Fire!  And Fired!  Parts 1 & 2    GG  Luke's diner burns

My Stories - Page Seventeen

#81   Luke, Will You Marry Me?  Parts 1 & 2    GG  What happened when Lorelai asked Luke to marry her
#82   No Excuse!    GG  What happened when Lorelai promised to help Luke paint the diner
#83   You Don't Get Four Strikes    GG   Lorelai tries to make up with Luke
#84   Hero    GG   Luke is in an auto accident
#85   Gabrielle, Goddess of Love    X   Gabrielle finds a new calling

My Stories - Page Eighteen

#86   Shooting Gilmores Again,  Parts 1 & 2    GG   Another dance marathon
#87   Shooting Luke Danes    GG   After Luke abandoned Lorelai at the dance
#88   Betrayed,  Parts 1 & 2    GG  Lorelai has slept with Christopher at the end of Season Six
#90   A Letter to Luke    GG   Lorelai writes to Luke from Paris

My Stories - Page Nineteen

#89   Warrior Princess or Slayer?  Parts 1 - 4    B / X   Was Xena really a Slayer?
#91   Buffy and Xena Again,    Parts 1 - 3    B / X   Buffy tries to make amends with Xena

My Stories - Page Twenty

#95   Home    GG  16 year old Lorelai comes to Stars Hollow
#92   Independence    GG  Mia has plans for Lorelai
#93   Changes    GG  Lorelai has a big surprise for Rory
#94   Settling In    GG   Lorelai and Rory in their new home

My Stories - Page Twenty one

#96   Blue Moon,  Parts 1 - 3    B / X  A rare blue moon switches Buffy and Xena 
#97   The Witch and The Warrior,  Parts 1 - 4    B / X  Willow's and Gabrielle's souls are switched

My Stories - Page Twenty two

#98    Buffy the Slayer Vampire - The Dawnster Chronicles    B  Dawn's diary about vampire Buffy
#99    The Warrior and Willow,  Parts 1 & 2    B / X  Willow and Gabrielle's souls switch but the magic stays Willow's body
#100  Déjà vu and the Clones,  Parts 1 & 2    X   Annie and Mattie meet Xena and Gabrielle
#101  Meg,  Parts 1 & 2    X  Modern-day Joxer dreams of Meg

My Stories - Page Twenty three

#102   I Just Like To See You Happy    GG   The end of "Partings" we didn't get to see
#103   So - Now What?    GG  Lorelai misses Rory and is unsure of her and Luke
#104   Timing    GG  Luke tells Lorelai he loves her the same night Max proposes
#105   Ares'  Heir    X   Ares wants Xena to give him a son
#106   Faith Comes Back    B  Faith goes to work for Mayor Wilkins
#107   Buffy the Slayer Vampire - A Leap of Faith    B   Faith finds out Buffy is a vampire

My Stories - Page Twenty four

#108  Champions and Heroes   B / X / C  Buffy, Willow, Xena, and Prue Halliwell are brought together
#109   Xena: Roman Gladiator     Xena and Gabrielle are captured and taken to a Ludus
#110   Safe and Sound Back Home in Greece   X   Xena and Gabrielle escape from Italia on a Greek ship
#111   If There Was No Buffy  B  What if Willow never brought Buffy back from the dead?
#112   They'll Take You Away!   B   What if social services took Dawn away from Buffy?
#113   Cameron Loves John   SCC  Cameron tells John she loves him, and they should make love to prove it.
#114   Two Weeks, Three Years, In the Blink of an Eye   SGU  Eli needs Chloe's help to save Destiny.
#115  Ares Versus Thor   X   Ares and Thor battle it out while Xena and Gabrielle watch.

  The Last Scooby     This is not my story, but it is so good I just had to include it.

  The Vet     This is an original story about a Viet Nam vet back from the war. It covers about thirty years of his life. 
  Fran      Another original story, about two young women I knew way back when. Some truth, but mostly fiction.