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Five Gilmore Girls Stories, one in two parts


We're Done Here!   Luke's thoughts right at the end of the episode Wedding Bell Blues.  PG

I Want It All   The aftermath of Lorelai and Luke's reconciliation when Lorelai was watching A Star Is Born.  PG

After Sniffy's   What happened after Lorelai and Luke left the restaurant.  PG

We Can't Keep Doing This   Lorelai & Max  +  Luke  &  Rachel  =  Trouble!!  PG

Fire!  And Fired! - Part One   A fire severely damages Luke's diner and he has trouble coping with it.  PG

Fire! And Fired! - Part Two  Lorelai lets Luke work at the Dragonfly, but he has problems getting along with the staff.  PG

Luke and Lorelai