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Four Gilmore Girls stories, and one Gabrielle Goddess story


Luke, Will You Marry Me? - Part One  My take on the season five finale when Lorelai asks Luke to marry her.  PG

Luke, Will You Marry Me? - Part Two   Lorelai desperately wants to make up with Rory, but Christopher is standing in the way.  PG

No Excuse!   What I think should have happened when Lorelai painted Luke's diner after she stood him up when she promised she'd help him.  PG

You Don't Get Four Strikes   Follow-up story to No Excuse!.  Lorelai tries to make up with Luke but someone doesn't want that to happen.  PG

Hero   When Luke is in a serious accident, an anonymous good Samaritan takes him to the hospital.  G

Gabrielle, Goddess of Love   When Gabrielle lets an elderly couple fall in love, Aphrodite isn't happy about it. G

Rory, Lorelai and Luke