My Stories - Page Eighteen

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Three Gilmore Girls stories

There are only three stories on this page. And you might notice that I skipped over story #89 and went right to #90.  The reason is that #89 is a VERY long Xena/Buffy story (in four parts) and I want to keep all the parts on one page.

Shooting Gilmores Again - Part 1   Another Stars Hollow Dance Marathon story.  Lorelai talks Luke into being her partner.  PG

Shooting Gilmores Again - Part 2   Things don't go as expected when Luke leaves with Anna and April.  PG

Shooting Luke Danes   Sequel to previous story. Luke has some serious explaining to do.  PG

Betrayed!  Part One   My take on what happened after Lorelai slept with Christopher at the end of season six.  PG

Betrayed!  Part Two   Lorelai discovers she is pregnant, but who is the father?  PG

A Letter to Luke   Loreali writes Luke a letter from Paris about her marriage to Christopher.  G

Lorelai and Luke