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Two Buffy / Xena stories, one in three parts and one in four parts


Blue Moon - Part One   While dressed as Xena at a Halloween party, Buffy toasts the rare Blue Moon, and she and Xena are switched.  PG

Blue Moon - Part Two   Buffy is hit with a poisoned arrow. Xena goes on patrol with Willow.  PG

Blue Moon - Part Three   Buffy recovers. Xena grows impatient.  PG

The Witch and The Warrior - Part I   In order to save Xena and Gabrielle's lives, a shaman switches Gabrielle's and Willow's souls to use Willow's magic. PG

The Witch andThe Warrior - Part II   Willow is kept unconscious while Gabrielle tries to convince everyone she is not Willow.  PG

The Witch and The Warrior - Part III   Willow and Xena get suspicious of the shaman.  Gabrielle get lessons in arithmetic and geography.   PG

The Witch and The Warrior - Part IV   Xena and Willow go to war.  Gabrielle hears Buffy's vampire theory.  PG

Buffy and Willow