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One Buffy, one Buffy / Xena, and two Xena stories

Buffy the Slayer Vampire - The Dawnster Chronicles   Dawn's dairy after Buffy's house is attacked by the Council of Watchers.  PG

The Warrior and Willow - Part One   Willow's spirit goes into Gabrielle's body to fight an unknown mystical evil, but her magic stays in her body in Sunnydale.   Rated  X because of very graphic descriptions of woman / woman sex.

The Warrior and Willow - Part Two   Xena and Willow have to find a way to fight the mystical evil without Willow's magic.  Rated X.

Déjà vu and the Clones - Part One   Annie and Mattie from "Soul Possession" and Xena and Gabrielle from "Send in the Clones" meet.  PG

Déjà vu and the Clones - Part Two   Mattie takes the four of them back to their past lives in Greece.  PG

Meg - Part One    Harry dreams about Meg, and talks Mattie into taking him into his past life to be with her.   Rated  X  for graphic woman / woman sex.

Meg - Part Two   Ares agrees to find Meg for Harry, for a price.  PG