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Three Gilmore Girls stories, one Xena, and two about Buffy.


I Just Like to See You Happy   More of the story at the end of the Gilmore Girls series finale, "Bon Voyage."  G

So - Now What?   Lorelai misses Rory, and has doubts about her and Luke's "new" relationship. G

Timing   What if Luke had told Lorelai he loved her the same night Max proposed?  G.

Ares' Heir   Sequel to Meg. Ares takes Xena to Mt. Olympus for the son she promised him. PG

Faith Comes Back   Mayor Wilkins tells Faith she needs to get back in with Buffy, Giles, Wesley and the others so she can spy for him.  G

BtSV - A Leap of Faith   Faith comes to Sunnydale, thinking that vampire Buffy was dusted by the Council of Watchers.   PG


Gods and Demi-gods  - Thor comes to Xena and Gabrielle trying to find a hero - Hercules.