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A Buffy/Xena/Charmed Crossover, Two Xena Stories, Two Buffy Stories, one Stargate: Universe story


    Buffy, Willow, Xena and Prue wake up in a white room with no memories and no idea how they got there.  PG

     The four heroes have parts of their memories back, but there are hostilities among them.  PG


    Xena and Gabrielle are captured and taken to a gladiatoral school.  R

 Xena and Gabrielle, after escaping from slavery, leave Italia on a Greek trading ship. R

What if Willow never resurrected Buffy in Season 6?  PG

 In Season 5 a social worked threatened to take Dawn away. What if it happened?   G

     The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Cameron tells John she loves him, and they should have sex to prove her love for him.



Prue Hallliwell


Ares and Thor battle each other.


 Stargate: Universe - Eli needs Chloe's help if Destiny is to survive.