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Four Buffy stories and one Buffy/Xena story

Buffy and the Stranger   Buffy saves a man from a mugger. It turns out he is a tabloid reporter sniffing around Sunnydale for a story on the strange goings-on. Buffy decides it's better to come clean rather than take the chance he could be killed.  Rated PG.

Buffy and the Stranger's Boss   Follow-up story to Buffy and the Stranger.  The tabloid reporter is killed, and his boss, and editor of the tabloid magazine, comes to Sunnydale to investigate.  Rated PG.

A Solstice Celebration  --   A Buffy / Xena crossover.  Gabrielle invite Buffy and the Scoobies to Poteidaia to celebrate the Winter Solstice Celebration.  Rated PG.

Dawn the Vampire Slayer  --  When Dawn is in an auto accident, Buffy donates blood to save her life. This gives Dawn the powers of a Slayer, much to her delight, and much to Buffy's chagrin. Rated PG.

Blood of the Slayer  -- Follow up story to Dawn the Vampire Slayer. Someone wants Buffy's blood. Rated PG.

Buffy Summers