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Four Faith stories and two about a different Slayer

Stories #50 and #52 don't have Xena in them, but they are spinoffs from  #49  Five by Five

Five by Five   A Xena / Buffy story. Xena's most dangerous enemy, Alti, takes over Faith's mind to try to kill Xena in the present. Rated PG

#50  Five by Five -- by Five    Sequel to Five by Five. Faith, still with Super Slayer powers wants Willow to track down Alti so Faith can kill her. After some convincing, Willow agrees to do it. Rated PG.

#51  Faith, Hope and Fear  A Faith story. Her first week in prison. Rated PG.

#52 Full Potential  Super Slayer Faith comes back to Sunnydale, and the problems for Buffy begin.  Rated PG.

#53 A Slayer's Tale   Another Faith-in-prison story. A sister inmate tells Faith about her uncle who was a Watcher with another Slayer.  Rated PG.

#54 A Watcher's Diary -- The companion story to  #53 A Slayer's Tale. Rated PG.