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Seven Gilmore Girls stories

The next sixteen stories are all Gilmore Girls.  Once I started writing them, the ideas just wouldn't stop. Every plot line and every season finale only added fuel to the flames.


#69  Remembrances and Reminiscings    Lorelai and Luke are finally together. Early one morning, during a blackout, they talk about how they got together and their relationship.  Rated G

#70  Lorelai's Dilemma   Lorelai is in trouble and goes to Luke for advice, and gets unexpected help.   G

#71  An Afternoon Conversation  A short filler story bridging the previous story to the next one. Luke and Rory talk about Lorelai.  G

#72 Two Steps Back, One Step Forward  Lorelai is pulling away from Luke and Rory is angry she is hurting his feelings.  G

#73 You Drive Me Crazy!  An alternative ending to the S5 episode Wedding Bell Blues.  Rated G

#74  He Hates Me!  A rewrite of the last chapter of the previous story (plus 12 more chapters). Rated G

#75  Lorelai's First Time   Lorelai's very first time. 

Lorelai Victoria and Lorelai Leigh "Rory" Gilmore