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Six more Xena and Gabrielle stories

Barbarian ... Queen   The title obviously is taken from the episode title  Warrior ... Princess.  In this story, Xena is the barbarian and Gabrielle is the queen. Xena is betrayed by her own men and turned over to Queen Gabrielle's husband, King Belos.   Rated PG.

Barbarian ... Queen ... Assassin   Xena has to find out who tried to assassinate Queen Gabrielle.  Rated PG.

Just a Little Dream (aka Gabrielle's First Dream)   The first of four dreams Gabrielle has. And she just has to tell them to her sister Lila. In this one, she dreams of a wonderful woman warrior, and how she saved Xena's life.  Rated G.

Gabrielle's Second Dream   Gabrielle dreams another dream about the warrior woman -- they are on road and are attacked by bandits. Rated G.

Gabrielle's Third Dream    Gabrielle dreams she and Xena visit an Amazon village, and she receives the Rite of Caste.  Rated G.

Gabrielle's Fourth Dream   Gabrielle dreams of the murder of her husband Perdicus at the hands of an evil warrior woman named Callisto. PG

"The Debt" - Part One