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Three Xena stories, two of them in two parts

Barbarian ... Queen ... Priestess   An evil sorceress casts a spell on the enitre kingdom, except for Xena, and Xena must find a way to break it.  Rated PG

Choices and Consequences  Part I   What if Xena never rescued Gabrielle from the slave traders?  Rated PG.

Choices and Consequences - Part II   Xena and Gabrielle come to an understanding.  Rated PG

 Reunion - Part I  Sequel to Choices and Consequences. Xena takes Gabrielle back to Poteidaia and home.  Rated PG

 Reunion  Part II  --   Gabrielle finds out from Aphrodite that Lila is in Rome, and she and Xena travel to find her.  Rated PG

Queen Gabrielle