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Three Xena stories and three Xena / Buffy crossovers

These stories are posted in the order they were written.   Each one has an Author's Note explaining my thought processes and sometimes why they were written, plus more of a synopsis than is below each story link.


I Won't Be Long -- A Xena and Gabrielle story that takes place maybe 40 years after the finale, A Friend in Need.  They are both older and have settled down on a small farm with Eve. Xena is dying and Gabrielle is having a hard time accepting it.  Rated G.

 Well, Maybe A Little Longer  A follow up story to  I Won't Be Long. Thanks to Aphrodite's help, Gabrielle is able to cope with Xena's death.  Rated G.

Where Are We? And How Do We Get Home?   A Buffy / Xena crossover ( or Xena / Buffy if you prefer). A natural pairing I always thought. Xena and Gabrielle, and Buffy and Willow find themselves in some sort of arena. They believe they are there to fight. Willow is still a novice witch.  Rated PG.

Saving Missmith   A follow up story to Where Are We?  Gabrielle is very sick, possibly dying, and only by bringing her to the future can her life be saved.  Rated G.

Vampire Wars   Yet another sequel to the above Buffy / Xena stories. Sunnydale is overrun with vampires and Buffy needs Xena's and Gabrielle's help.  Rated PG.

 What if there really was a warrior woman in ancient Greece? And what if her story was written down by her scribe, Gabrela? Rated PG.

Gabrielle and Xena