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Two Xena stories and four Buffy stories

The End   The Xena story  I Won't Be Long was about Xena dying of old age. This one is about Gabrielle.  Rated PG.

Buffy and the Professor    Buffy fulfills her promise to show Prof. Walsh what being a Slayer is all about.  Rated PG.


The First Slayer   How I envisioned the first Slayer coming into being.  This was written before anyone knew about the Shadowmen.  Rated PG.

The First Watcher   My thoughts on beginnings of the first Watcher. Again, written before the Shadowmen (predecessors of the Watchers) were known about.  Rated PG.

Gabrielle and Aphrodite's Night on the Town   Another Gabrielle, Goddess of.... story.  While Xena is spending time with Eve, Gabrielle and Aphrodite visit Athens to sample its nightlife. Rated G.

 Buffy and the Gang    NOT the Scoobies. Sunnydale is plagued by a rash of robberies. Buffy decides its none of her business until people are shot.   Rated PG.

Buffy Anne Summers