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Two Xena stories, two Xena/Buffy stories, and two Buffy stories.

 Xena and Joxer's Excellent Adventure   Xena accompanies Gabrielle to Italy for an Amazon Gathering.  They run into Joxer, and Xena and Joxer spend time together while Gabrielle is with the Amazons.  Rated PG.

New Watcher in Town   Another Buffy / Xena crossover.  A rogue Watcher may be killing Slayers in his charge (in this story, there are multiple Slayers).   Rated PG.

Gabrielle's Surprise Birthday Party    Another Buffy / Xena story.  In appreciation for all the help they've given, Buffy wants to throw a surprise birthday party for Gabrielle in Sunnydale.  Rated G.

Buffy and the Slayer    My first straight Buffy story. A new, better, and tougher Slayer comes to town, and it's a man.  Rated PG

A Home at Last   A prequel to my first story, I Won't Be Long. This one tells how Xena and Gabrielle came to live on the farm.  Rated G.

The Talk That Never Happened   A Buffy story. This takes place right after Buffy came back from Los Angeles in the third season opening episode Anne.  Buffy explains to her mother about Slaying and demons and witches. Rated G

"The Quest"