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2 Buffy/Xena X-overs - 1 in 3 parts; 1 in 2 parts. A Gabrielle Goddess story

 Just Another Tuesday Night in Sunnydale - Part One  A Buffy/Xena crossover.  When an evil spell makes everyone, including Buffy, forget she's a Slayer, Willow sends her back to Xena for protection.  Rated PG.

 Just Another Tuesday Night in Sunnydale - Part Two   Buffy has regained her memory, and an enchantress is able to contact Willow for her.  Rated PG.

Just Another Tuesday Night in Sunnydale - Part Three   Willow, Tara and Dawn manage to get Buffy back to Sunnydale, but they still have to deal with the evil that caused Buffy to lose her memory.  Rated PG

Gabrielle ... Slayer in Training  - Part One  When the Bacchae kill Xena, Gabrielle wants Buffy to train her to become a Slayer so she can take her revenge on them.  Rated PG.

Gabrielle ... Slayer in Training  - Part Two  Buffy goes with Gabrielle back to Greece to help her hunt the Bacchae.  Rated PG.

Gabrielle, Goddess of War   When a hellgod attacks Poteidaia, Gabrielle, goes to war.  PG

Gabrielle and Xena