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Two Xena stories, two Buffy stories, and two Buffy/Xena stories

#60 Gabrielle, Goddess of Death  When Gabrielle realizes she's been Healing the same warriors over and over, she begins to let them die. PG

#61  The Note    The note Buffy left for Joyce on her bed at the end of S2's Becoming Part 2. 

#62   Buffy's Choice    Buffy must decide whether to have Willow remove Faith's super Slayer abilities or not.  Rated G

#63  So, Tell Me....   Dawn starts writing in her diary again and goes to her friends to help fill in the gaps.  Rated G

#64  The Slayer Versus The Warrior Princess    Faith wants a fight to the death with Xena.  Rated PG

#65a A Year in Tartarus - Part I   Xena and Gabrielle's worst year together - illness, fire, flood, and more. PG.

#65b  A Year in Tartarus - Part II   Gabrielle and Xena are separated, thinking the other is dead. PG

Dawn and Willow