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Four Xena stories

The final two Gabrielle, Goddess of... stories (for now), and the beginning of four stories that take place after Xena died in the series episode A Friend In Need Part 2.


Gabrielle, Goddess of Despair   Once again, Gabrielle faces Dahak. And she needs Xena and Ares to help her fight him.  Rated PG.

Gabrielle, Goddess of the Heart  Gabrielle suffers the aftermath of her battle with Dahak.  Rated PG.

The Long Journey Back  The first of four stories about Gabrielle trying to cope with Xena's death in A Friend in Need. This story tells of her trip to take Xena's ashes back to Amphipolis.  Rated PG.

The Long Journey Begins - Part One    Gabrielle is determined to go back to Mt. Fuji to reclaim Xena's body and soul and bring her back to Greece.   Rated PG

The Long Journey Begins - Part Two   Gabrielle continues her trek back to Japa to find Xena.  PG

The Long Journey Begins - Part Three  Gabrielle arrives at the border of Indus and still has Chin to cross. PG

Xena and Gabrielle in Happier Times