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2-Part Buffy/Xena story, 2 Buffy/Charmed stories, and 2 Xena stories

Never Underestimate the Powers of a Slayer - Part 1    A Buffy / Xena crossover. Faith wants Willow to send her back to ancient Greece so she can find Alti and kill her for taking over her mind and body (# 49 - Five by Five). Rated PG.

Never Underestimate the Powers of a Slayer - Part 2   Faith makes a pact with Callisto.  Rated PG.

Just a Short Vacation     A Buffy / Charmed story.  After Tara's death, Willow goes to San Francisco to just get away from the Hellmouth, and to maybe find other witches.  Rated PG.

A Visit to Sunnydale   Sequel to  Just a Short Vacation.  After the unsettling events in San Francisco, Piper goes to Sunnydale to check up on Willow.  Rated PG.

Call it Destiny     What would have happened if Callisto hadn't killed Perdicus in the episode The Return of Callisto and Gabrielle and Perdicus went home to Poteidaia and Xena rode on alone? Rated PG.

Destiny Calls    Sequel to Call it Destiny. After Gabrielle leaves Poteidaia looking for Xena, Xena arrives in Poteidaia and discovers Gabrielle has gone, so she has to find Gabrielle. Rated PG.

Phoebe, Piper and Paige