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Six stories about Gabrielle's life as a Goddess


Gabrielle, New Goddess in Town   The first of a series of stories about Gabrielle being a goddess. This story tells how she gained her powers. Rated G.

Gabrielle, Goddess of . . . .   Gabrielle is discovering her new powers and wants to find out what kind of goddess she should be.  Rated G.

Gabrielle, Goddess of Indecision   Gabrielle and Xena go to Mt. Olympus to ask Aphrodite about Gabrielle's new powers.  Rated G.

Gabrielle, Goddess of Healing    Gabrielle finally discovers her calling as a goddess. Rated G.

Gabrielle, Goddess of Frustration   Xena, tired of the easy life with the Goddess Gabrielle, rides out alone. But when she is in danger, Gabrielle must decide who to save - Xena or children who have been kidnapped.  Rated PG.

Gabrielle, Goddess of the Unknown   Strange lights in the sky, frightened townspeople and cattle mutilations are only three of the problems Gabrielle has to resolve.  Rated PG.

Gabrielle of Poteidaia