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Created Oct 31, 2009 

Hi, and Welcome to my  Web Site.

        Just in case you don't know who I am, my name is David Milligan. I work in the sheet metal shop for an air conditioning company. I am twice divorced (and I certainly do not intend to make that misteak again -- the "I do" thing).  I started buying a house back in January 1999 that sits on a quarter acre lot. Since then I have replaced all the appliances (including the AC system), had a screened-in back porch added, cut in and installed French doors to get out to it, insulated the garage, put in a four-zone sprinkler system, and had a new roof put on. I also converted my garage into an over-sized bedroom for my daughter.  And because I have a lot of yard to cut, I bought a self-propelled lawn mower.

And in June 2014, I finally paid off my mortgage. Woo Hoo! 

        {My first site was on Geocities, but thanks to Yahoo, who cancelled Geocities, the site I had been working on for five and a half years is now history.  Thank you VERY MUCH for that, Yahoo!} 

       I'm not sure what all will end up on this one, other than the 115 fanfiction stories I have written (about Xena;  Buffy;  Xena / Buffy crossovers;  Buffy / Charmed crossovers; those Gilmore Girls; a Sarah Connor Chronicles story, and a Stargate: Universe).   

       Also, there are photo pages of my favorite female TV celebs. Just click the link  -- "Those Gorgeous TV Ladies .... Page [One through Three]" to see the photo links to their individual  pages. I have added an   Index to the Ladies  to make it easier to find your faves.  More are added all the time.

      Love  the  Ladies!

            I have my own Weblog.  I don't post particuarly regular, just when I hear or read about something that irks the hell out of me.  Sometimes.  Sometimes I write about stuff I like.  

      The link is right here.  

     That's All.

          Enjoy (at least I hope so!).